Friday, 21 January 2011

toffly good

At work, something myself and my colleagues look forward to more than anything, is toffle time.
The not-so-humble toffle has the ability to make tea breaks exciting and brighten up an otherwise dull day.
What is a toffle I hear you cry? Well it's simple really. It's a toffley waffle. A waffley toffee. A biscuit like waffle with a toffee caramelised centre. Made by Tregoes, these babies are irrestible when melted gently over a steaming mug of tea....

Let us demonstrate:

1) Toffle sits over a freshly made mug of tea for approx. 50 seconds on each side (note the size of the mug - carefully chosen to allow for maximum toffle warming....)

2) Toffle becomes all melty in the middle. Dunk and enjoy!

It really is that simple!
You can order your own toffles here or buy them from Waitrose. Don't delay - do it today.
The question is - are you invited to the Taffy Toffle Tossing Tournament in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch? Well?

While we're on the subject of delicious tea time treats, don't forget about Tim Tams. Made by Arnott's, these Australian chocolate biscuits, which I actually discovered when over in Cape Town, South Africa, have now migrated over to the UK.

They're a bit like Penguins, and divine when you eat them as Tim Tam Straws with a cuppa.
Follow these simple steps:
1) Bite a little bit of each end off:

2) Suck up the tea through Tim Tam (like a straw)

3) Shove whole thing in mouth immediately (speed is imperative)

The Tim Tam literally melts in the mouth - tastebud party.

Buy your Tim Tams in all large supermarches. I recently discovered mine at Jumbuck's, an Australian pie shop on Shepherd's Bush Green.

And that is all! Go forth and toss your toffle with pride.
With thanks to Craig Lee and Jon Dunn for the fantastic modelling efforts...